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Evil Eye Jewelery

Evil Eye Jewelry Meaning

It is believed there are three evil eyes: The first is the unconscious evil eye. These hurt people and things without intention. The second intention is injury. The third is the invisible, most feared evil. It is believed that this eye saw all the evil in the world and eliminated poverty and ignorance.

When Holus opened his eyes, the world became enlightened. When he closed, it became dark. From Egypt, eye amulets have spread to the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Europe.

When anyone looks at good things with envy, he fills the surrounding atmosphere with a destructive quality and sends his breath of exhale to any place nearest him. Beads reflect malicious energy back to the bystanders. It is somewhat similar to the eyes, and it is said that the typical blue color is a factor to protect users.

Glass beads in the Aegean Islands and Asia Minor are directly dependent on improvements in glass production. As for blue, it is the first glaze mud from Egypt that contains a high proportion of oxides; copper and cobalt are blue when baked.

Blue eyes can also be found on some forms of hamsa hand Evil Eye bracelet and necklace combinations, which is a reversal hand amulet that reverses evil eyes in the Middle East.

The word hamsa also spells khamsa and hamesh, meaning five fingers. In Jewish culture, this hamsa is called the Hand of Miriam; in Muslim culture, the hand of Fatima. The Fatima Amulet is called Kamsa in the Muslim world. It begins with the Arabic word and is considered to be the protection of the evil eye.

The blue evil eye has experienced extensive circulation in the region and is used by Phoenicians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans and perhaps the most famous Ottoman Empire. Although their use is most concentrated in the Mediterranean and Levant, through the expansion of trade and empire, Blue Eyes began to move to all corners of the globe.

The evil eye symbol is almost always implemented as an evil eye charm, as its symbolism has always been materialized in various charms that are worn around the wrist or on the neck (when it comes to jewelry).

The essence of all things that matter in life is captured in the evil eye meaning. Before success comes to the stage, protection and security come first. The true color of life is realized only when our mind and soul become fearless, and that happens only if we are properly secured and share our luck and protection..

The right way to access the powers and possibilities of the Evil Eye is to firmly believe and buy into its strength and let its protection guide you on your life journey.

Create genuine art by combining your Evil Eye bracelets and necklaces with a crystal such as HematiteTiger's EyeCitrineRed String Protection, etc...

Or, you could combine it with a charm such as Hamsa Hand, which has a similar meaning like the Evil Eye. When the Hamsa and Evil Eye are combined, no curse, negative thought or bad intention will hinder you from achieving your goals and attaining certain values.

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