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Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelets 

The beautiful thing about evil eye bracelets is that they come with so many beautiful and powerful stones, of which each one can amplify your intention.

Charmstork has taken spirituality and blended it with fashionable bracelets for every taste. Whether you’re a sterling silver or gold lover, we’ve created it. Every bead is designed by hand and every inch accounted for and now you’ve called in your intention and purpose when you buy the bracelet that resonates with your souls purpose.

Nothing can compare to that amazing feeling of love with Rose Quartz, health with Amethyst, grounding with Hematite or calling in the sun with Citrine, then creating a double protection effect with our Red String Protection bracelets with powerful charms and symbols. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the gift of belief.

How To Protect Yourself Against It?

In addition to the use of evil eye amulets, take into account that the Greeks also carry incense or a cross as protection against evil eyes. The new mother will save the items under the pillow or head, including red, black or white lines, nails, gunpowder, bread, salt, garlic, rings, indigo blue or a pair of silver buttons.

Each of these objects has its significance, making it a good defense against evil eyes. For example, gunpowder symbolizes the ability to counter evil eyes. Nails symbolize strength. Indigo is very important for its blue tinting strength. Salt is a symbol of preservation and power.

In terms of jewelry, the Evil Eye can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. In fact, this mighty symbol is always implemented as an evil eye charm, as its powers get fully dispersed when the symbol gets materialized.

A part of most cultures in the world, the Evil Eye was always believed to have a realigning effect on negative notions. The numerous designs of this ancient symbol are always paired nicely with most crystals, giving each Evil Eye seeker an array of choice.

Evil Eye Protection Remedies

However, if these precautions fail, the Greeks have more ways to deal with evil eyes. In some villages, the fur of a bear is burned to cure the curse. Among others, Gypsies massage their foreheads to eliminate the adverse effects of evil eyes.

In many countries, including Greece, Armenia, and Assyria, it is thought that the swearing-in the rear is solving the curse of the evil eye. In Europe, some Christian traditions use both hands to create a sign of the cross while pointing the index finger and the little finger to the source of the evil eye. In Bangladesh, a black spot was painted on the child's forehead to resist evil eye curses. The young beautiful woman hides a secret point behind her ear to prevent evil eyes.

The Evil Eye protection is almost a sacred thing, as it was never fully understood or described by the members of art movements, religions etc...

Since the beginning of known civilization, the Evil Eye has bestowed the person wearing this ancient charm with ultimate protection and care, similar to the loveliest feelings we get from our dearest ones. 

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